Network Phone Xpress

Network Phone Xpress provides reliable phone service especially for single-location auto dealerships, giving your team the system to help boost customer satisfaction, drive revenue, and grow productivity. 

Communicate Smarter
Detailed reports and easy-to-access customer info helps boost performance.
Understand Your Callers
Use caller data to study campaign success, volume patterns and more.
Integrate Easily
Designed for dealerships, this system works seamlessly with customer-centric workflows.
Network Phone Xpress Features
How you communicate with your customers defines your dealership performance. Get a phone system that works with your business and helps you make every customer’s experience a positive one.
IP Phone System
Get tech that works for you. Simplify operations by replacing complicated phone systems with an easy-to-use IP phone system, designed to integrate with your other dealership solutions.
Network Phone Xpress Auto Attendant
Deliver customers to the right department every time. By equipping your phone system with an automated assistant, your customers get where they need to be stress-free.
Call Intelligence ASP Premier
Track calls, monitor marketing campaigns, capture lead information, and run detailed reports from a single, powerful platform. Understand when and why customers call, and exactly how to meet their needs.
CTI Desktop
A more productive team and a happier customer base starts with CTI desktop. Get detailed customer information as calls come in and reach out from your DMS in just one click.
Do More With CDK Network Phone Xpress
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  • Get Integrated
  • Get Integrated

    Your telephone system is a critical part of your business – if it doesn’t play nice with the rest of your dealership solutions, your performance can suffer. CDK Network Phone Xpress is made with easy integration in mind, and is designed to work smoothly with your DMS and other digital tools.

  • Engage Potential Buyers
  • Engage Potential Buyers

    Answer the phone with critical information at your fingertips. Greet callers by name with ‘screen pops’ that alert you to who’s calling, and provide you access to their full customer view screen in a single click.

  • Get Actionable Insights
  • Get Actionable Insights

    Your callers can tell you a lot about your market, but do you have the tools to pull the right insights? CDK solutions provide innovative reporting tools that turn caller data into usable information that your team can leverage for their next marketing campaigns.