CDK Cloud Defense

Block cyberattacks within seconds and protect your dealership with CDK Cloud Defense or Cloud Defense Plus packages.

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CDK Cloud Defense

Fast and Easy Setup

Don’t leave your security to chance with a built-in or off-the-shelf solution. Get state-of-the-art protection with Cloud Defense — no installation or equipment required.

Optimum Security

Cyberthreats can pop up anywhere. Cloud Defense learns from a global network of users to keep your dealership safe from threats discovered elsewhere.

Budget Friendly

Don’t have an in-house security team? Don’t worry. Cloud Defense tailors a security solution to fit the needs of your business and your budget.

Cloud Defense Features


More robust performance and bandwidth means you can increase employee security and productivity inside the dealership, out on the lot and offsite.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

Protect your dealership, your employees and your customers by guarding against inbound and outbound viruses and malware.

Application Monitoring

If there’s a glitch in your business-critical applications or related systems, you’ll know about it. You’ll also know how apps are running and can analyze how their user base is growing.

Global Network Learning

You’re proactive in building your dealership. Cloud Defense is proactive in keeping you safe from threats near and far by tapping into a global network of users.

Protect in Real Time

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