Employee Spotlight: Tess Karesky

Jun 01, 2018 | | 222 |

Employee Spotlight: Tess Karesky

by CDK Global

Tess Karesky has been with CDK Global for 4 and a half years as a Marketing Research Specialist. Tess used to work in our Seattle office but is now based out of her home in San Diego.

How are you celebrating Pride month?
I love Pride month. The LGBTQ community is so vibrant and wonderful, and it’s such a joy when we all come together. It feels so empowering to celebrate the things that make us different. I also think it’s so important to commemorate our community’s history, like Stonewall. From Marsha P Johnson in 1969 to Jim Obergefell in 2015, there have been some truly amazing and brave people who have fought for equality and helped create an environment where we can march proudly down the street for Pride.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CDK?
I hope I don’t come across like a suck-up but, honestly, my manager. He’s been a fantastic mentor and really helped me hone my skills. When I first started at CDK, I was a contractor, but I expressed interest in learning more about marketing. He gave me some great opportunities to research and write about some of our shopper segments. The work we did then helped lead to the Market Research team we have today.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
The weather is gorgeous year-round here, so I like to spend a lot of time outside. Taking my dog to the dog beach, hanging out with friends on a brewery patio, and going to the farmers’ markets are among my favorite activities.

Do you have a hobby, and if so what is it?
I started playing kickball in Seattle as a way to meet people and ended up really enjoying it. It feels kind of silly to play a kid’s recess game as an adult, but it’s a fun way to make friends and have some light-hearted competition.

What’s the top of your bucket list?
I recently played guitar for a live audience! It’s been on my bucket list since I started learning as a teenager. I stumbled across this fantastic program called Girls Who Rock that helps girls build confidence by creating a band and performing an original song. They held a women’s event to raise scholarship funds for the girls and I got to perform with some other musicians. It was so much fun to play rock star for a day!