Employee Spotlight: Colleen Harris

Jun 01, 2018 | | 172 |

Employee Spotlight: Colleen Harris

by CDK Global

Colleen Harris is the lead analyst on the Earned Marketing team in Seattle. Outside of working on SEO for dealers, she works on finding ways that CDK can be better and smarter each day. She’s known around the office as the “Google Whisperer” because of her expertise with Google AdWords, and SEO in general. She’s been at CDK for almost six years.

How are you celebrating PRIDE month?

I’m using Pride month as a reminder to own exactly who I am and keep my head held high as I walk through each day. Everyone needs a reminder of how awesome you are, and I’m trying to keep that pride in the front of my mind as I go through each day.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CDK?

Since I first started at CDK, I’ve had a team that has embraced me for what I bring to the role, and supported me as my role grew into something that really fit my skill set. My managers and directors found out what I could bring to a role and found ways to use my strengths to help CDK, rather than force me into a certain type and role. It’s really summed up by my desk. I have a very unique cubicle, but it’s the home base that lets me bring everything I can to my job. Not once has anyone asked me to change anything. In fact, people enjoy coming by to see what new things I have here.

What’s the top of your bucket list?

Seeing “Hamilton” in San Francisco and Los Angeles was at the top, but I accomplished that last year. Going to New Orleans to have dinner of a seafood bake is now number one on my list. We’re going to New Orleans this fall, so fingers crossed.

Do you have a hobby, and if so what is it?

My two biggest hobbies are cross stitching and enjoying anything and everything related to Star Wars. Cross stitch is the perfect combination of being creative plus having order in a project. I’ve been a huge “Star Wars” fan since I was a child, and it takes on a new meaning now. There’s something about the good vs. evil conflict and girls not needing a man to save the world that has always appealed to me.