Gary Futterman

Jan 24, 2018 | | 150 |

Gary Futterman

by CDK Global

This week’s employee feature is Gary Futterman! Gary was also one of the December 2017 STAR Winners because of his exceptional professionalism and care when dealing with a customer crisis. He is a Client Account Manager in Toronto.

How the employee went above and beyond:

Gary managed a very difficult situation when a customer’s on-site phone system failed; that means no phone availability! Replacement hardware was shipped and received Friday, only to find issues with booting up the new equipment. The team worked throughout the night to overcome the issues and were able to get the system up and running at 2:30 Saturday morning.

The impact of the employee's actions:

Throughout the process, Gary kept the customer updated and focused on the solutions, not the obstacles. He did this while the customer had no phones for 3 days. Imagine what the customer was saying throughout the process! The situation was very difficult but Gary managed the effort with professionalism and care.