Network Security

Tools That Can Help Protect Your Network


Your network is a strategic investment. In order to protect critical assets, your business needs the right people and tools to help monitor and “see” events as they happen. CDK Global provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to help defend your network and protect your data while allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Internet Manager

Protect your dealership by controlling Internet usage

Internet Manager helps you control the sites your employees visit, protecting your dealership and network, and keeping non-productive Internet use to a minimum.


  • Hybrid cloud-based solution, which allows for easy access and management
  • Real-time database updates protect your business around the clock from Web security threats
  • Web 2.0 application control lets you set restrictions on Web applications to help improve employee productivity


Internet Manager helps you to block access to certain types of websites, like adult content, gambling or music downloading. It also gives you reports on when and how the Internet is used in your dealership. By controlling Internet use to business-only sites, you can protect your dealership and help keep your network secure, free from viruses, and at peak performance.


UTM Appliance

Enhance your security management

If you’re like most dealers, you get the “Cross-Sell Report,” which gives you a great rear-view mirror look at what was sold. However, without real-time insight you can’t make the changes in stocking and pricing to help you reach your desired Sales goals for the month. New Lot Intelligence's insight helps you monitor your competitors':


Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance is a combination of network-level security devices, which helps secure your network, improve your staff's productivity and protect the flow of information to and from your customers. When combined with our optional Network Security Center, it provides a comprehensive security management tool to help your dealership in its regulatory compliance efforts.


Unfortunately, conventional network protection systems, such as firewalls and/or hosted security applications, can be limited in their ability to inspect network traffic or challenging to implement and manage.


UTM Appliance provides cost-effective, easy-to-implement protection and content filtering with real-time performance. The system's capabilities are supported by an industry-leading eight ICSA certifications, along with network-level services like firewall and intrusion prevention. In addition, UTM Appliance has ICSA certifications for anti-virus detection, anti-virus cleaning and anti-spyware detection. With the addition of Network Security Center, detailed customizable reporting of UTM Appliance is available on demand.

Network Security Center

Turn your network's protection up a notch

In a world of growing Internet security threats, critical data is exposed to thousands of malicious attacks everyday without our knowing it. Many dealerships do not have the time, resources or knowledge to adequately secure customer data on their own.


Network Security Center provides real-time information from UTM Appliance on your network security throughout the dealership. A dedicated Security Operations Center proactively monitors your network devices and notifies you when a critical security event takes place. To help your dealership with its regulatory compliance, Network Security Center provides robust reporting tools to assist you in your compliance efforts.


When alerts are triggered, a CDK Network Security professional will investigate and contact you regarding the issue.


With UTM Appliance and Network Security Center, you receive:


  • Information the way you want, with customizable dashboards
  • Easy-to-use reports to help you troubleshoot network slowness, catch potential viruses and respond to malware
  • The ability to view events in near real-time, so you can solve issues as they arise
  • Up-to-date reporting to assist you in your efforts to satisfy state and federal laws (GLBA and PCI), as well as compliancy

By combining UTM Appliance and Network Security Center with your dealership's security program, you will have the tools and reports needed to help you easily manage your dealership's exposure risks.


Remote Access VPN

Take your work with you, anywhere you go

If you have off-site employees or telecommuters who need secure, reliable access to your dealership’s network, you need GetWired Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN). Simply create a remote access VPN for your employees to access dealership data from anywhere.


As long as your employees have an Internet connection, they can stay connected from anywhere with GetWired Remote Access VPN:


  • Remote access for up to five users with Hosted Remote Access
  • CDK supports all end-users and secures access
  • Eliminate on-site hardware installation from your dealership, reducing your costs
  • Larger dealerships need EVPN Remote Access for 5–100 remote users
  • Dealership IT Manager handles system administration and user support
  • We provide any necessary training for EVPN equipment, provided by Cisco Systems®

Only GetWired Remote Access gives you all the security, connectivity and support that you need to take your work with you and stay connected to your dealership’s network.