Global Security Organization

Safeguarding our Clients, our Company, and the Industry

At CDK Global, security is in our DNA. We know that protecting our clients, their clients, and our company is essential to the trust we have earned over the past 40+ years.

The mission of our Global Security Organization (GSO) is to enable secure growth for our company and our clients. The retail environment is dynamic and fast-moving, and our security has to be, too. We work 24/7 to protect data, technology, intellectual property, and people.

The world is more interconnected than ever before, and that brings many benefits to our industry and consumers. It also means we are more intertwined than ever in defending our businesses and customers from harm and loss. We all play a roll – dealers, vendors, OEMs -- in protecting the industry.

We believe we have the vision – and the responsibility – to lead the way, securely.

SecurityFirst: Advancing security is everybody’s business


At CDK Global, we’ll help you protect your data and reputation by providing the expertise and security-related insight that your business needs. We’ll help you gain visibility into your DMS with our DDX data integration application, manage vendor integration more securely through our Third Party Access program and provide network security solutions that are tailored for the automotive industry. Put SecurityFirst with CDK Global.



People, Process, and Technology

Technology alone can’t ensure security. Our GSO team is made up of cyber security experts as well as business, risk, and physical security professionals to ensure we have the people, processes and technology in place to protect CDK.

From application security and engineering support, to identifying vulnerabilities and mobilizing against active threats, our technical security team helps to secure our business. We are the CDK specialists in application, infrastructure, and platform security.

Our GSO Technical Security services are:



We assess all of our global facilities according internationally recognized security standards, including our world-class data centers, evaluating their security posture on access controls and other physical security measures. We work to prevent the loss of intellectual, financial, and company assets, and provide safe and secure workplaces. Our priority is a safe environment for data and associates in all 100+ countries where we do business.


At CDK, we have the people, processes and technology in place to weather a storm – be it an actual storm, like a hurricane affecting a city with a CDK office, or the cyber storm of criminals looking to disrupt our business. We know you rely on our systems to perform and our associates to support you, so we have a comprehensive Global Business Resiliency Program -- plans and mechanisms in place to avoid issues whenever possible, and to manage our business if, unfortunately, disaster does strike. Our Global Business Resiliency Program is not static. It is a continually improving and evolving program because being prepared is not a one-time event.


Security can be a complex business – maintaining a careful balance is key to growing your business while understanding the landscape, assessing threats, mitigating risk, and securing potential vulnerabilities. It takes subject matter expertise to do it right. The GSO Business Security Officers and Risk Assurance Managers work with all CDK business units around the world to assess in finding that right balance, advising on security and operational risks, and helping to grow business securely.


We’re not shy about security. In fact, we’re passionate about it. The GSO welcomes the opportunity to talk about best-practice security at industry events, webinars, 20 Group meetings, and more. We believe we have a responsibility to educate and unite the industry around the best possible security practices. After all, in the world of the connected car, we are all only as secure as our weakest link. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

We also work to keep our associates aware and engaged on security in their daily lives. We train our associates to help protect data in their possession, be aware of phishing and social engineering attempts against CDK, and follow the proper protocols when transmitting or receiving confidential information or sensitive data.


The GSO has built strong alliances with government agencies, security organizations and associations to help keep us at the forefront of security and privacy developments. We also maintain relationships with federal and local law enforcement to help us keep CDK safe.