CDK SecurityFirst

Help protect your pack by putting SecurityFirst

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's a jungle out there. And in this jungle, your reputation is everything.

Why? Because 8 out of 10 consumers would not buy another car from a dealership where their personal information had been exposed in a data breach.[1] No dealership should go it alone.

CDK Global will help you protect your data and your reputation by providing the expertise and industry-specific support your business needs. In addition, we’ll help you provide more reliable and secure integration with our Third Party Access program and equip you with security solutions designed to better defend your network. Put SecurityFirst with CDK.


Expand your awareness


Did you know that the likely annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $445 billion?[2] and that 62% of security incidents happen to small businesses?[3] The more you know, the better positioned you’ll be to protect your dealership and help ensure compliance with an increasing number of state and federal regulations. CDK shares your concerns around cybersecurity and is committed to providing knowledge, insights and best practices to help you further improve the security of your dealership.

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Enhance your visibility


Do you know where your data is going? Gain visibility into data connections on your DMS with our free Dealer Data Exchange (DDX) solution. Designed to give dealers more visibility over data going to OEMs and third-party vendors, it is the first comprehensive data integration application offered by a leading DMS provider.

With DDX, you can zero in on non-authorized access activity. Non-authorized access doesn’t put limits on the types of data that can be extracted and can lead to data integrity issues, DMS performance degradation and unauthorized use of intellectual property.

You can help reduce these security risks and performance issues by working exclusively with vendors who are approved through our Third Party Access (3PA) Program.


Armor up your defenses


When it comes to the automotive industry, not all cybersecurity is the same or tailored to your business. We’ll collaborate with you so you can leverage specific industry-related solutions such as Nuspire, Forcepoint and Fortinet to help you defend your data, users and network against threats and attacks.

Our Connect & Secure solution helps protect your dealership from viruses, hackers and other threats. Because dealers experience cybersecurity risks and threats every day, we provide a fully managed Security Ops center and 24/7 watchdog service that analyzes, alerts and reports on security information (SIEM) in real time.

As part of your team, CDK will work with you to provide professional installation and ongoing support. Together, we can help you protect your data and reputation so you can put SecurityFirst.

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[2] 2014 Intel Security Group report on Cybercrime
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