The Possibilities are Endless

Choose a career instead of just a job

At the end of the day, your work should be meaningful. You should feel like you’re truly making a difference. Your ideas should be heard and acted upon. Your goals should be attainable. And all of this can only happen in the right work environment.

At CDK Global, we believe in a culture of innovation, collaboration and partnership so that we can elevate our industry to the next level. We measure our success not just in how we change the automotive retail experience, but also in how we change every Associate’s career.

CDK Global currently has job opportunities in the Chicago area, Cincinnati, Seattle, and other locations around the world.


Featured Content

June 18, 2018
Our Director of Employee Engagement Sherri Dublin talks about what Pride month means to her, what’s new at CDK Global and where she hopes to take employee engagement at work! Continue Reading …


In Their Own Words


  • November 30, 2017
    User experience (UX) is more than just design. It’s time to start thinking about how you can incorporate UX into every part of your business.


Diversity & Inclusion

Employee Features

  • This week, our employee spotlight is on Jason Santos! Jason is a senior end user support analyst with the Desktop Support Team in Portland! He likes celebrating PRIDE month by going to Portland’s... Continue Reading
  • This week’s employee spotlight is Colleen Harris! She’s the lead analyst on the Earned Marketing team in Seattle. She is known around the office as the “Google Whisperer” because of her expertise... Continue Reading
  • This week’s employee spotlight is Tess Karesky! She’s part of the research team at CDK Global, based out of her home in San Diego. She’s celebrating Pride this month by remembering those who have... Continue Reading


Candidate Experience

  1. Expect feedback. You’ll know your job-seeking status – where you are in the interview process and where you stand in regards to a particular position.
  2. It’s a two-way street. We believe in open and honest dialogue. Be sure you keep us in the loop, ask questions and follow up.
  3. Keeping it consistent. Our decisions are based on defined, specific and relevant job criteria. Discrimination and prejudice are never tolerated.
  4. All the details. We’ll accurately describe each opening in full detail. This ensures you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you and your aspirations.
  5. Showing respect. We value your time and understand that your career is a top priority. We’ll respectfully partner with you throughout the recruitment process.
  6. Importance of privacy. When you share details about your professional background, we’ll always keep them secure and confidential.
  7. We demand diversity. Diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences are the only way to deliver world-class service to our clients. Our differences are our strengths.