CDK Custom Learning Events

Get The Most Out of Your DMS

Your dealer management system (DMS) is packed with features designed to take your dealership to the next level. To meet your unique business goals, we work with you to help make sure your employees utilize your DMS and integrated components to their full potential.

CDK Custom Learning Events

Worth The Investment

  • Quickly get new hires up to speed
  • Maximize efficiency — and better serve your customers
  • Dive deeper into topics vital to your dealership’s success
  • Become more knowledgeable and profitable

Custom Learning Events Deliver In-Depth, Dealership-Specfic Training That Goes Above and Beyond

  • Train new managers
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Become experts
  • Increase profits
Key Features and Benefits

Create a Customized Training Plan and Watch Your Profits Grow

Key Features and Benefits

An initial discovery call with a CDK Learning Consultant helps target your dealership’s specific training needs.

Productive Collaboration

Learning sessions are solution-specific, zeroing in precisely on the solutions and user scenarios your dealership needs to focus on the most.

Profitable Service Performance

We offer one-on-one training on your system to provide employees with detailed hands-on instruction and deeper expertise.

Improve Key Performance Indicators

Want to take your staff to the next level? We offer advanced training on specific topics of your choice.


We can work with you to plan learning events onsite at your dealership or convenient virtual training sessions.

Unmatched Security

There’s no better value for delivering seamless payment experiences to your customers.


To learn more about Custom Learning Events, contact your
CDK Sales Representative or a CDK Learning Coordinator
at 866.535.8487 or