Software Deployment Manager Update (SDMU)

Wish you could have a person in your dealership dedicated to your PCs?


Now you can -- virtually. With ADP’s Software Deployment Manager Update Program (SDMU) we help increase the reliability of your PCs by keeping them current with up-to-date ADP software releases (ADP software releases provided via manifest).

While ASP proactively keeps your Dealer Management System (DMS) up-to-date with software, we will do the same for your PCs that run ADP applications by ‘bringing them current’ and “keeping them there.” It’s almost like having an extra employee, letting you focus on taking care of your business and your customers.

ADP’s Software Deployment Manager Update Program will:

  • Monitor PC communications to the ADP DMS – We will work with you to help ensure all ADP updates can be received. Any break in communication can prevent ADP software updates from being received by individual or multiple PCs.
  • Maintain PCs with current ADP Drive and ADP w.e.b.Suite2007 updates – Proper ADP Drive or ADP w.e.b.Suite2007 functionality is dependent on keeping PCs current. We will monitor and push all needed ADP Drive or ADP w.e.b.Suite2007 software updates to your PCs as they become available.
  • Recover PCs that break communication with the ADP DMS – We will work with you, as needed, to recover any PCs that experience a break in communication with the ADP DMS and push ADP software updates when connection is resumed.
  • Perform ADP system checks – Your ADP system will be proactively checked daily for available PC updates to determine if action is needed.
  • Load new dealership PCs with appropriate ADP software – Let us know when a new PC is installed and we’ll bring it “current”.
  • Provide PC Progress Reports – Our report will specify action taken/corrections made and notify you of any PC/Software Install Agent concerns that need to be addressed. We will deliver a PC Progress Report to you monthly via email.
  • Provide PC Inventory Reports – Maintaining a current list of PC inventory is very useful for your business. A PC Inventory Report will be delivered to you monthly via email.
  • Communicate on PC Status – We will keep you informed of PC status via email.

Sign up today and ADP will do the rest. Contact us at or 800.819.6941. or fill out the pdf and fax back to 847.594.6043

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