How to Access and Use the Service Connect Community

Always start with Service Connect and join the conversation in the Community. You’ll be part of an online forum where you can get help solving your daily business challenges and share tips with other dealerships. It’s users helping users.


“I would absolutely recommend the Community to my peers. There are times when you need a user’s perspective to resolve operational issues and the Community provides access to that resource.”
Dennis Duncan, CDK DMS Specialist, Fletcher Jones Management Group, Las Vegas, NV

Step 1: Right from your CDK desktop, click the Service Connect icon.

Service Connect Step 1

Step 2: Click Community.

Service Connect Step 2

Step 3: For an overview of the Community and instructions for posting a question or discussion topic, as well as searching for answers or sharing information, take the Community tour. You can access the tour from two locations – the Tour link on the top right, or from the How the Community Works pane.

Service Connect Step 3Service Connect Step 3

Step 4: Get started and join the conversation!

1. Find a forum and post your question in one of two ways:

  1. If an existing topic addresses an issue similar to yours, simply expand the topic and post your question.
  2. If your question doesn’t already exist, you can create a new topic. Click the link to open the appropriate forum (e.g. Accounting, Parts, or PCs), then click the New Topic button and follow the prompts.

Service Connect Step 4

2. Search current forums and posts to find answers
To search current forums and posts, use the Search function to find results that address your question. The Search function will search both the Community and Service Connect, and return all relevant results.

3. Spot trends
Check for solutions among the trending topics and answers on the Board Index page: The Trending Topics and Trending Answers panels rank topics by total views and answers by total votes over the past 30 days.

Service Connect Step 4

4. Share Your Knowledge
Review the topics to find posts that you are qualified to address and share your expertise. This is where “Users Helping Users” comes into play. There are no better experts than those who use the system every day – YOU!

For more information and a simple overview of everything that Service Connect can do for you, download our Service Connect eBook. And always remember … The CLICK is MIGHTIER than the dial.