Optimizer with ProfitPredictor


CDK Profit PredictorOptimizer with Profit Predictor is our newest comprehensive solution that addresses the critical needs of your business, enabling you to achieve greater results in every department of your dealership. It brings big data, complex thinking, alert features, and world class learning together so that you can see the potential of your business and achieve it.

Four key components that make Optimizer your ally for growth:

  • Executive Coach – Helps you establish intelligent goals and constantly will monitor your progress and opportunities. They work closely with your management team to improve their processes and skills.
  • Profit Predictor - A cutting-edge analytics tool enabling you, your dealership management teams, and your Executive Coach to see a true picture of what is happening in your business.
  • MEDIC – This feature dynamically exposes underperforming metrics in your business, providing your personnel with the real-time capability to address knowledge gaps using tailored and targeted Business Optimization University courses.
  • BD College™ - Provides world-class education needed for executive and mid-level management to grow the business through predictable and proven business practices.

CDK Optimizer with Profit predictor is:

  • A business intelligence solution showing you critical information you need every day.
  • An analytics tool driven by complicated algorithms showing trends and forecasting that allow you to react fast and before real damage occurs.
  • An alert system exposing issues and opportunities.
  • A tool that connects your people to courses teaching them how to grow the business and achieve amazing results.
  • An invested coach working with you and your management team monthly on opportunities.

See how Profit Predictor can improve the health of your dealership. Click here to begin a short video overview.

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