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We Help Manage the Complexity of Your Hardware and Software Solutions

Whether you want your employees and customers to be able to connect to your network or you want to protect your dealership's information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and disruption, we can help.

Choose from our wide variety of networking solutions to support your connectivity and security efforts:



A robust wireless (Wi-Fi) solution

Take the pressure off your IT person with our complete wireless solution that is seamlessly integrated into your powered network.

With the GetWireless package, you will receive:

  • Four access points – Reliable wireless 802.11AC technology for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Print server – Print from a mobile device onto a local printer on the network
  • Cloud-based controller – Gain instant productivity and performance analytics of your Wi-Fi, as well as mobile foot traffic
  • Configuration and integration – Integration onto your wired network, set up iPads, access points and cloud device setup
  • Network appliance device – Gives CDK the ability to monitor your network health, troubleshoot bandwidth and administer updates automatically
  • Self-healing technology – Provides your wireless network with the ability to read and load balance traffic

Think about your dealership’s mobility requirements – everyone is moving and nobody can afford (or would expect) to lose connectivity. When employees rely on Wi-Fi to perform critical tasks, the functionality of your wireless network becomes essential. Our wireless solution integrates seamlessly into your existing network, enabling mobility as well as increasing productivity – quickly and cost-effectively.

To enhance GetWireless, you can purchase additional access points and iPads. Best of all, tablets are fully configured and integrated to your wireless network, as well as refreshed every two years to keep your technology up to date.


Internet Manager

UTM Appliance

Network Security Center

Remote Access VPN

Service Delivery Network