F&I Providers


Improving Efficiency through Partnerships

Our F&I solutions provide access to selected third-party finance rating data, electronic forms, and up-to-date deal financing and lease information.

F&I providers and dealers come together through the CDK Dealer Management System (DMS) with two key programs:

1.  F&I Product Rating and Contracting Program

F&I Product Rating and Contracting is a free, innovative solution that offers a more efficient workflow and real-time data from providers, without having to leave an F&I deal, all the while helping to reduce income adjustments and chargebacks in the F&I office. This solution can help reduce the amount of time you spend consulting manual rate books, searching external websites, and sorting through stacks of forms.

By staying in a deal, F&I Managers can stay focused on the objectives at hand—taking care of customers and providing excellent products and services, while contracting correctly the first time. Provider Exchange Network (PEN) facilitates this integration between the DMS and F&I providers, automatically supplying real-time product, service and contract data.

This complimentary solution is available with CDK Drive 1.5 or higher. Click here to download our easy step-by-step guide and begin using F&I Product Rating and Contracting today. Best of all, it’s free!

2.  CDK Desking Finance and Lease Programs

Now, you can distribute all your lease rate, residual and/or finance information to a single source and have it immediately available to all CDK Desking dealers nationwide, resulting in tremendous cost and time savings, thanks to the ease of distribution. Because the deal lease and financing information is auto-loaded into the system, you reduce the chance of user keystroke errors that result in corrections to submitted credit applications.

We update the information as changes are made, helping ensure dealers are using the most up-to-date data possible. You will not have to juggle between the deal processing system and stand-alone portals, rekeying information along the way. Your information is available right from CDK Desking—exactly where your F&I Manager works the deal and presents numbers to the customer. Achieve the results you need with accurate calculations and reduced rejection rates.