Document Scanning

Scan Your Documents to Store Them Electronically with Document Scanning

If your F&I department prints impact forms, or if you create business forms outside your ADP Dealer Management System (DMS), rely on Document Scanning to scan these forms and store them electronically. Electronic storage makes it quick and easy to find copies of the forms when you need them and reduces your paper storage costs.

Save Time by Scanning and Storing Documents Electronically

With Document Scanning, you can save time and reduce the amount of physical storage space needed in your dealership by scanning and storing documents electronically. Our easy-to-use document scanner gives you:
  • 8,000 scans every day, with a 200-sheet capacity
  • Long document scanning (up to 34”) to support virtually any form in your dealership
  • Quick and easy access to electronically stored files
    Supported on both ADP and non-ADP PCs
    Image enhancement/correction makes files easy-to-read and understand
    No more trips to offsite storage to dig through boxes of files
Only Document Scanning gives you all the tools you need to scan and store documents electronically—saving time, preserving document integrity, and making storage and retrieval fast and easy.