Understand Your Customers' Customers and Pull Ahead of the Competition

Curious about how your dealerships or networks perform in the eyes of a shopper? And how those experiences compare to the competition's offerings? Our Retail Insights team studies the most critical parts of a shopper's auto purchasing journey to provide an inside peek into what's working well and what's not. Then you and your dealers know exactly which processes to tighten, both online and in-store.

Turn shoppers into buyers

We help you and your dealers grow business by providing two main services: unbiased scorecards based on national and industry benchmarks (created by a team of humans, not automated audits) and through mystery shopping.

Main scorecards include:

  • A desktop and mobile scorecard. Today's best websites combine form with function and delight customers equally whether they're using mobile devices or desktop computers. Our team expertly evaluates how shoppers perceive your site based on the four key categories most important to buyers.
  • A fixed operations scorecard. We've conducted extensive research on what Internet shoppers look for when making decisions about servicing their vehicles. We'll evaluate whether or not dealers' websites provide the content that motivates shoppers to give dealers their business, rather than spend their money at aftermarket shops.
  • A reputation scorecard. Every "star" increase on an online review community called Yelp equals a 5-9% increase in revenue.* We evaluate how shoppers perceive dealerships based on their ratings from major reviewers.

Additional scorecards are available as well. Just ask!

Mystery shopping services:

Honest, unbiased feedback shows you how shoppers view their experiences with your stores and personnel, and provides invaluable insight so you can create action plans.

  • Phone lead handling. Store by store, we assess how a dealer network handles phone leads and opportunities for improvement.
  • eLead handling. Shoppers expect more than a quick response when they email a dealership. We'll tell you if your dealer network is using the right approach to turning a shopper on the other side of a screen into a customer holding a title in your dealer's store.

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* Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case for Yelp.com, Michael Luca, Harvard Business School