Running a Business of Businesses?

We offer digital marketing services Specifically for
dealer groups.

Dealer Groups

Across All Your Stores.

Each of your stores comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. Connecting with the right audiences — across all of your brands and locations — is critical to success. We help you be just as smart online as your best salesperson is in the store.

Why CDK Global?

Our Dealer Group Agency solutions change the game by connecting you with shoppers across all of your stores, and provide you insight to make those experiences better and better.


Audience Management sounds complex, but we make it simple. When you connect with your most profitable audiences, you'll deliver the 1:1 personalized digital experiences that drive qualified, ready-to-buy shoppers to your stores.

Your Audience Management Portal is the storefront that represents your dealer group's digital brand. The portal combines Audience Management with the features and tools you need to bring in shoppers regardless of their chosen device.

Your Dealer Group Agency Includes:

New, Used and Service Audience Manager

Now you can market to new car, used car and service audiences with their specific makes and models of interest without lifting a finger. We make it simple by delivering turnkey agency-grade content. Our experience engine analyzes each shopper's prior behavior in real time, so you can greet that shopper with a uniquely personalized digital showroom that's proven to turn browsers into buyers.

Customer Cloud

We gather shopper data across many sources: your dealer group websites, third-party websites such as Edmunds, OEM websites, your CDK Drive Dealer Management System and digital advertising. All of this data is stored in your own Customer Cloud, which unlocks the value of your group's data and powers the experience engine that improves interactions with your audiences. Your Customer Cloud also fuels insight for your dealer group — available in Audience Reporting — to help you make better business decisions.

Audience Insights

Our Audience Insights brings you never-before-seen insight into all of your audience segments. This isn't just a heat map. This is understandable data about how everything is working — from new makes and models and website content to creative assets — to engage and convert shoppers.

Dealer Group Agency Services

Your highly skilled CDK Global Marketing Strategist serves as a strategic partner for your group's corporate team and implements your group's unique strategy across your digital footprint, ensuring that your brand is aligned. You also can access the Dealer Group Support Team, whose members specialize in Dealer Group architecture, inventory sharing, group lead routing and more. Access to additional experts focused on advertising, design and SEO are available for an additional fee.


Audience Targeting Through Advertising

Target the right audiences and drive more qualified traffic to your websites with CDK Global Digital Advertising solutions. Shoppers will experience relevant, coordinated and personalized messaging as they interact with your ads and engage with content on your websites. Our experience engine — powered by your Customer Cloud — is proven to convert more shoppers to buyers. Our Digital Advertising solutions offer the flexibility you need to succeed at any scale. Our patented technology optimizes complex campaigns across digital channels in real time to deliver the results that matter. We believe in creating a holistic advertising strategy to manage a customer throughout the purchase funnel — from brand awareness to customer retention — to help you get the most out of your investment.


Expert SEO Specialists partner with you to customize an SEO strategy for your Dealer Group, maximizing visibility for your portal while supporting success with your stores. Coordinated with your Audience Management strategy, your SEO Specialist creates consumer-focused experiences to drive traffic and conversion throughout your Dealer Group. We leverage the power and knowledge of the largest SEO team in the industry to drive more targeted and qualified shoppers to your digital properties, across all of your profit centers.

Agency Design

Relying on our digital creative and automotive expertise, we create the custom content and assets that deliver an online experience that reaches your target audiences and aligns with your brand. Together we build your brand's digital presence — including digital brand guidelines — ensuring that you effectively communicate your brand promise to your shoppers across all your digital properties.

Reputation Management

The profitability of your audiences over their lifetimes adds up — so put your customers' voices to work for you by monitoring, managing and marketing your brand across your dealer network. We offer an array of reputation management and social media packages to meet the needs of each of your dealerships, and the tools to help you manage them across your Dealer Group.