Data, Data and More Data … Then What?

These days, acquiring big data is really not a problem. Figuring out what to do with it, however, can be a different story.

Website visits creating quantifiable leads? Feel like your digital spend is increasing, but not sure what’s coming of it? Is your advertising effective? Who comes to your site? Where do they go and when do they leave? How does that correlate to your sales? Which advertising channels are pulling in the most traffic? Is your site intuitive to shoppers?

That's a lot of questions. But CDK Analytics has answers.

Our analytic solutions begin with a team of trusted advisors — a ProCare Advocate, Digital Advertising Analyst and SEO Specialist. Each is armed with certifications and industry-leading knowledge that can help make sense of all the numbers.

Numbers, that when applied to unsurpassed industry insights and business acumen, provide the roadmap for CDK to develop strategies that capitalize on the data and determine which messages and initiatives are gaining the most traction. Furthermore, we utilize these analytics to inform how to best maximize your digital budget, and what mix of CDK tools make the most sense for your dealership.

Some of these tools include:

Analytics Portal

Engagement Map

New Model Insights Tool

So fill out the form on the right, or schedule an appointment with a CDK Digital Solutions Manager today and learn how complex analytics can actually make your business LESS complex.