Where Should You Put Your Advertising Dollars?

Right Where Your Shoppers Are.

CDK Digital Advertising

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Consumers spend more time on digital devices than on any other medium,* so spend your advertising dollars in the right places. CDK Digital Advertising offers multichannel and single-channel solutions to expand your advertising reach and target new customers.


Why CDK Global?

We’ve got 20 years of creating and perfecting digital advertising that’s tailored for dealerships. Our proprietary ad technology platform uses data to execute advertising efficiently with unparalleled speed, scale and ROI. An advanced analytics dashboard provides comprehensive insight for your group or store. And our team of certified advertising experts ensures that you’re always in the right channel at the right time.

Social Media Advertising

More often than not, reputations are built on social media. We bring you the technology and tactics to promote your brand image, such as blogs, posting tools and review alerts. We can even manage your social media strategy for you if you’d like.

Retargeting, Paid Search and Display Ads

How much should you spend on each? How are they performing in real time? We know because of our budget optimization system, fondly known as BOS. It’s the only real-time cross-channel optimization system in the industry, and it means that we invest your budget in the ad channels that produce high-quality traffic, VIN views and leads. If a channel isn’t performing, we move your budget to where the buyers are — in real time.

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