Digital Marketing

The Integrated Digital Marketing Experience for the Modern Car-Buyer

Shopping has changed. Including the way people shop for vehicles.

As a dealer, you need targeted advertising that drives shoppers to a website that connects them to cars on your showroom floor.

And we can help your customers find their perfect vehicle and make the purchase process easier.

Because, after all, isn't that what it's all about? Creating an online showroom that makes shoppers want to buy from you increases your sales and profits and ultimately builds your brand.

Here's how we can help:


Beautifully designed and easy to update, our sites are responsive and supported by a team of experts. And they're laser focused to do one thing — steer more shoppers from the online world to your showroom floor.

Digital Advertising

Dynamic multichannel solutions featuring the only real-time, cross-channel platforms in automotive.

Search Engine Optimization

Dominating organic search and online traffic is the key to building foot traffic, and our SEO knowledge is unrivaled in the automotive industry.

Social Media Management

You sell the cars. CDK sells you. We help you manage your social media posts and word-of-mouth reputation. You make the most out of every customer touchpoint.

Dealer Groups

Learn how you can connect with shoppers ACROSS all of your stores – and giving you the insight to make those experiences better and better.

Dealer Support and ProCare

Because technology can never replace the human element, we have digital experts to help you at every turn.

CDK Partner Program

Our Partner Program, brings preferred digital vendors in touch with our vast dealer network. Enhancing website performance for dealers, while increasing visibility for approved partners.


Our tools not only help you determine what people are shopping for, but how they're shopping. They'll connect information from your CDK DMS and digital marketing solutions to help you make the right decisions.