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The Integrated Digital Marketing Experience for the Modern Car-Buyer


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Today’s car shoppers can now kick your dealership’s (and your cars’) tires in countless ways before they come anywhere near your showroom. Their online shopping behaviors and the research tools and channels at their disposal are more complex and sophisticated than ever. So it’s vital to deliver the right message at the right time in each phase of their shopping journey, from inspiration to ownership and beyond.

That’s where digital marketing comes in. CDK's digital marketing provides digital sanity to busy dealers with the world’s most comprehensive, integrated suite of automotive digital marketing solutions.

CDK's suite of digital marketing solutions and services helps dealers navigate the complexity of modern digital marketing, streamline shoppers’ paths to purchase and turn insights into car sales. It includes:

  • Websites & Mobile – What experiences are you creating for your shoppers across the many screens and devices along their journey? Get unmatched flexibility, control and results from your website platform.
    Explore Our Automotive Website Platforms
  • Digital Advertising – The most dynamic multichannel solution in the industry features the only cross-channel advertising platform in automotive. No other online advertising packages offer this much control and coverage.
    Explore Our Dealer Digital Advertising Solutions
  • Search Marketing – Fingertip traffic leads to foot traffic. Are you dominating paid and organic search results (SEO)?
    Explore Our Automotive Search Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media Management – Who has time to manage the reputation process and post to social media every day when you're busy selling cars? CDK does. We'll help you make the most of every customer touchpoint — online and on the showroom floor.
    Explore Our Social Media Management Solutions
  • Owner Marketing – Plug in directly to your DMS to stay in touch with your current customers, fill your service bays and inspire customers for life.
    Explore Our Automotive Email Marketing Solution
  • Dealer Service & Support – Technology can never replace the human element. Your personal team of digital experts, schooled in the very latest automotive digital marketing best practices, will help you create your integrated digital marketing strategy.
    Get to Know Our Team of Digital Specialists
  • Reporting & Analytics – The largest automotive data warehouse in the industry offers the deepest view and the most actionable insights into the consumer and their car-buying journey, and helps connect those car-shoppers to your dealership.
    See How Data Can Drive Your Dealership Decisions
  • Dealer Insights – Need to know what’s new in dealer digital marketing? Find the latest must-see articles, videos, eBooks & webinars, all in one place.
    Get All the Latest Best Practices in Automotive Digital Marketing