Dealership Decision Support

Make better informed business decisions. Identify problems more quickly and take corrective actions that will positively impact your business performance.
ADP’s Decision Support is a core component of ADP Drive and provides a suite of financial analysis and advanced reporting tools giving you the information you need to improve operations and employee productivity.

Gain Instant Access to a Wealth of Dealership Information

  • Improve employee productivity with ability to drill-down to detailed transactions and documents
  • Export information to Excel and PDF formats to further modify, email or fax
  • Easy access through the ADP Drive dealer management system

Maximize Your Information with Robust Decision Support Tools

Financial Statement Drill-Down
  • Drill-down from any Financial Statement position to the G/L Account, Journal Detail and archived document
  • Online view of Financial Statement with the ability to export to PDF
Financial Statement Explorer
  • Powerful online side-by-side comparison of multiple financial statements
  • Save time with department sorting and filtering functionality
  • Drill-down to G/L Account, Journal Detail and archived document
Management Information System (MIS) Drill-Down
  • Customized online view of MIS reports by user
  • Drill-Down to G/L Account, Journal Detail and archived document
Operational Reports
  • Online library of over 65 standard reports
  • Combine and analyze information across multiple stores