Deal Review


Helping Deal Task Compliance Efforts by Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting on Your Deal

Keeping track of the many tasks involved in today's vehicle transactions can be time-consuming.

And with all of the steps in the process, how do you know what you did and didn't do on each and every deal?

Deal Review can help by:

  • Delivering information on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Tracking in real time
  • Leveraging Dealership Management System (DMS) data and Open Dealer Exchange (ODE) transactions
  • Including better adverse action selection criteria, adverse action mailing, and tracking of cash deals

Consider these questions relating to your deals:

  • Did I verify the buyer's identity? Did they pass? Did I document what my actions were to clear red flags?
  • Did I check the Department of the Treasury's OFAC list of ‘Specially Designated Naturals’ (i.e. terrorists, narcotics dealers) in order to determine whether I might be prohibited from doing business with my customer?
  • Did I properly disclose credit information as required by my state?
  • Did I follow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Reserve Board (FRB) rules on risk-based pricing?
  • Did I send an adverse action notice? Did I need to send one?

Deal Review can answer these questions in a format that will improve the speed of transactions and improve the productivity of your F&I staff.

Know what was done on each deal task

Deal Review provides an efficient dealer workflow because the tools can be built into your existing ADP applications, including:

ADP Business Online Suite

  • Finance Online
  • Trade Online
  • Quotes Online

ADP DMS applications

  • Work-a-Quote
  • ADP F&I

Deal Management Applications