Get Key and Critical Performance Indicators for Every Department in Your Dealership.

CDK Profit Predictor is a cutting-edge analytics tool that lets you view 200+ operational metrics and compare them to industry benchmarks, trends and targets.

Need information fast? The performance of your business is presented in heads-up displays that prevent data overload – giving you the ability to make fast and critical changes, so your staff can adjust quickly and hit their goals. A MEDIC button links each major opportunity to an included subscription to the Business Optimization University. This includes more than 400 courses, which cover dealership processes and best practices – as well as testing, certifications and attendance measurements.

Unlimited enrollments in BD College®, which give your dealership access to BD College events, are also included. These activities are designed exclusively for your dealership management team to learn critical skills to help adopt an improved business development culture.

Key Features

  • Access key business indicators daily
  • React faster to business changes with our advanced analytics and forecasting tool
  • Built-in alert system exposes issues and opportunities
  • Connects your people to courses that teach them how to grow the business and deliver a better customer experience
  • Monthly coaching with your management team to drive performance