CDK CRM – Automotive Customer Relationship Management

Manage your leads, work your Sales pipeline, and make deals — anytime, anywhere



CDK CRM gives you the tools you need to manage leads and turn them into sales. In fact, we’ve made it even better for you. Our Mobile CRM is so game changing, we had to give it a new name: Connected Customer

With a central view of everything you need to know about your customer — in one screen, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC — it gives you complete control.

With 81 percent of dealers accessing their CRM using multiple types of devices,1 you need Connected Customer, now more than ever.

And the CDK CRM Dashboard lets you see what’s happening across all of your stores with editable dashboard widgets and real-time KPI metrics.

Automotive Dealership CRM

Our fully-loaded CRM software provides:

  • Lead Management – Consolidate all leads into a single, easy-to-use database, assign new lead responsibilities, track statuses, respond to requests, and analyze important information
  • Business Development (BDC®) – Automate follow-ups and remind your customers to return to your dealership—for service, maintenance or an additional vehicle
  • Campaign Management – Create and execute campaigns efficiently, while keeping tabs on responses and profits, so you can repeat your most successful campaigns
  • Customer Management – Capture more Sales and Service opportunities and better understand the ‘lifetime value’ of each customer by keeping each Service visit and sale stored in one easy-to-access database
  • Direct Marketing Services – Design, print and mail high-impact marketing pieces in a matter of minutes from our easy-to-use, template-based system

Make CDK CRM even more effective for your automotive dealership with the following options:

Data Mining – Spot and respond to trends with simple customer activity and campaign result reports, helping you better spend your Marketing dollars

Premier Strategic Consultants – Receive guidance from an automotive industry expert who thoroughly understands CDK CRM, so you can capitalize on your Marketing investments

Integration that drives revenue

Integration of your CRM with other Front Office solutions helps your employees be more productive and gives you greater insight into the entire workflow from beginning to end with:

Dollar sign

  • CDK Voice Connect

  • CDK Equity

  • CDK Used Lot Intelligence

  • CDK Desking

  • Owner Marketing

CDK CRM makes it easy to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns through efficient customer targeting. Keep your customers happy —and coming back — by improving communication between you and your customers.

Logging 100 percent of your leads has been a challenge ever since CRM software was created. We’ve solved this issue by integrating CDK Voice Connect with your CDK CRM. Not only is it easy for Sales Representatives to use, it’s automated too — you can directly transfer customer information into your system with a simple click of the mouse or tap of a screen.

Check out how Connected Customer puts you in complete control.