AP Assist


Easily Pay Invoices Electronically

A low-cost solution that helps pay invoices is nice—one that gives you cash back and streamlines your payables process is a game changer!

Launched from CDK Drive, AP Assist* provides the convenience of making payments electronically, reducing the number of checks you have to mail — improving cash management, lowering the costs of paying bills and giving you cash back.

ADP AP Assist

(Numbers on screen were made up for illustration purposes only and are not actual numbers from any dealership. They do not constitute any type of warranty or guarantee.)

Lower the costs of mailing checks and receive cash back

AP Assist simplifies your payables process, and saves you money in your Business Office! The average cost of processing one paper check payment is about $3—AP Assist lowers that cost to less than 50 cents per vendor paid. Plus, it gives you cash back on most of your invoice payments.

This easy-to-implement solution:

  • Pulls information from your Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Presents the information to users to select, approve (up to two approvers per invoice) and make payments
  • Automatically pushes information back to the DMS, posts transactions, creates reports and performs reconciliations

With AP Assist, your payables process is easier than ever—and you can save time as well as money!

Accounting controls are also built into AP Assist for dealerships to establish roles or permission levels; so specific users can schedule, hold, approve and void payments. Your dealership will even have the flexibility to schedule and control the timing of payments, helping improve cash management.

*AP Assist is a third-party solution from NVoicePay. AP Assist only provides integration of your CDK system to NVoicePay and is not a standalone payment solution. NVoicePay is not a CDK company.