Women Buy Cars

Mar 14, 2017 | | 1633 |

Women Buy Cars

By Tess Karesky

In 2017, it should go without saying that women are a large and important consumer group for the automotive industry.

After all, women make up slightly more than half the population and have significant influence when it comes to buying a car. Yet despite all of this, a majority of women would rather go to a dentist than buy or service a car at a dealership. Really.

Obviously this wariness isn’t good for business. Read the white paper to explore how women feel about the car buying experience, why they feel that way, and how to adapt the purchase process to make it appealing, accessible and exciting for everyone.


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Tess Karesky works on the Retail Insights Team with CDK Global. Tess specializes in automotive audience segmentation. She has researched and written about the behavior and habits of luxury, Millennial, Hispanic and female shoppers in addition to other consumer groups. She’s a champion on the field as well as the office – she’s MVP of her kickball league!