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Amp Up Your Edge

With new ways for your dealership to engage potential customers hitting the market each year, your reputation and your customer service is more important than ever. New technology has transformed consumer behavior, and the metrics don’t lie. Customers have a certain “experience” in mind, which—if delivered to their liking—will give you the edge needed to sell more cars now and in the future.

Our Dealer Solutions Expos are designed to show you how successful dealerships are changing the way they do business to meet technology-driven consumers’ demand. From converting leads into lifelong customers to improving your dealership's reputation, ADP wants to help you Amp Up Your Edge and take your dealership to the next level.

Join us for interactive discussions with automotive industry thought leaders.

How to Optimize Your Front Office for Maximum Customer Retention

Presented by Mike Stoll, Auto Retail Expert

Mike Stoll

The process of selling a car has not changed, but the expectations of your customers are constantly evolving. So, it is important to know which technologies can help position your dealership ahead of your competition—thus defining your unique edge.

Did you know that you could have $15,000 of unrealized equity coming through your dealership each day?

This presentation will show you where inefficiencies, like missed equity, may lie within your Front Office workflow as well as what your competition is doing to gain an edge over your dealership.

August 14, 2014

New Haven, CT
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September 9, 2014

Mt. Laurel, NJ
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September 11, 2014

Mahwah, NJ
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Who Let the Data Out?

Presented by Jim Foote, Business Security Expert

Jim Foote photo

Jim Foote is an innovative business leader with over 25 years of broad-ranging experience in resolving complex issues using technology. He will share insights on how to avoid common security mistakes, manage third party access, and protect customer privacy, while also increasing business profitability and customer satisfaction.

August 26, 2014

Sacramento, CA
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In 2013, the auto industry experienced the benefits of renewed buyer confidence, and 2014 is predicted to bring even more success for your bottom line. To jumpstart your dealership in this new, more competitive environment, you need to define your edge.

Product subject matter experts will also be on hand to give live demonstrations of new solutions that can help increase productivity, reduce costs and drive more profit in your dealership.

Supercharge your workflows and expand your dealership's unique edge with integrated, leading-edge solutions.